Laser Hair Removal

What would it be like for you, to be able to run out the door to work or the pool, without a care that your excess hair might be showing?  You can get a unique sense of freedom and confidence when you come to Gigi Aesthetics to get your unwanted hair removed. Have you been putting off Laser Hair Removal treatments because you think it is too expensive, too uncomfortable, or perhaps that it does not work?

Today Is Your Day

Today can be the day that you stop buying razors, stop painful waxing and electrolysis, and get the smooth look and feel that you dream about! You will be amazed at how quickly you get your money’s worth from laser treatment, come in for a FREE consult and we will show you the savings. We will even perform a FREE, small treatment “test spot,” so that you can experience for yourself that Gigi Aesthetics treatments are comfortable and safe. The best part?  The hair we remove with laser stays gone and unlike waxing and electrolysis, you will have no need to ‘grow out’ hair before your next treatment.

How It Works
How Laser Hair Removal works …. Laser hair removal is so much cleaner and safer than other hair removal methods, and it leaves your skin feeling smooth. Each actively growing hair under the laser’s ‘light window’ absorbs an enhanced beam of light that is precisely calibrated for wavelength, which by-passes your outer layer of skin to penetrate to a specific depth. The laser light gets converted to heat in the hair, which transmits it to the follicle. The follicle in turn absorbs an amount of energy that disables it so that it will not produce another hair. The general opinion is that laser hair removal is permanent … and the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of “permanent reduction” to describe the effect of laser in removing hair.

Our laser hair removal services include:

  • Small areas

  • Between eyebrows, cheeks, lip, chin, toes, fingers, areolas, sideburns, belly line.

  • Medium areas bikini, underarms lip and chin, lower arms, upper arms, buttocks trail.

  • Large areas.

  • Brazilian, buttocks, lower legs, upper legs full arms, full face.

  • Extra-large back and shoulders, chest and shoulders, full legs and feet.


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